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Experienced user - Speed went from Very fast to very slow


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Hi - been using this excellent forum for 6 months and it has answered any problems i have encountered until now - Until last week, i was getting speeds of up to 400kbps for many months - I initially went through the usual port forwards etc to attain this, and turned off my windows firewall. This past week though I am struggling for 20kbps on any torrents (all popular and well seeded) - I have been banging my head on a brick wall searching for answers, so took the plunge here with my first post - heres the info - hope its all you need;

Running: Windows XP

ISP: talkTalk (UK) 8meg D/L 2 meg U/L connection

Router: Belkin wireless F5D7632uk4A

Network status light is green (If thats what I think it is)

Port - port forwarding open and accepting (have tried several - all with the same result)

Antivirus - Avast Home edition - security set to normal

what I can say is that i never changed any settings between having great speeds and now very slow ones - its bizarre - I have read a great deal, and have since changed ports using port forward.com advice on a couple of occasions. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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