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Please help; just not smart enough I guess.


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Status light starts out as orange triangle and then eventually turns to red circle.

Port checker reads: Checking port 16881 on

Error! Port 16881 does not appear to be open.

Up limit: 72kbs

Up slots: 5

connections per torrent: 100

connections global: 200

max active torrents: 5

max active downloads: 4

os: xp sp2 home edition

protection: AVG, zonealarm

router:Netgear wireless router - WGR614

modem:Netopia 2241N software version 7.5.2r1

ISP: centurytel.net


download speed:1258kbs

upload speed:208kbs


I can't seem to pass the port forwarding test even after plugging the computer directly into the wireless router. I followed directions for setting up static ips and port forwarding for both the router and the modem from portforward.com. I don't remember where i read to set the port to 16881. Did I screw up by forwarding the same port in the router and the modem? Am I screwed just because of the wireless router?

Please help. Let me know if you need anymore info.

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