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Speed on laptop fine, desktop poor


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I'm not a newbie but I am a bit confused. I just started using this product and left G3. I love it, I decided to format a new HD and run my desktop.

Stats: Win XP, comcast cable modem, belkin f5d7230-4 router plugged in, dell box with some mods, and my connection status is fine. Norton antivirus and windows firewall, nothing out of the ordinary in prefs.


If I run the same torrent on my Win XP dell laptop, I can get varying speeds from 4-14k, but the same torrent file on my XP desktop while plugged into the router is offering me 0-2k.

Note: I decided to add ~20 torrents at one time, but then I got 0 download speed. So now I am running ~4, and that seems to give me 1-5k.


I also just would like to note, on the same computer, I installed G3 again, a 2005 soundforge product. I am getting 50-70k for the same torrent compared to .3-1k.

So there is def. an issue with something with my utorrent program on my desktop.

Any ideas?

What can I debug, look for, understand, etc.?


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Belkin routers are just in a word BAD.

Try reducing GLOBAL connections to 55 and per torrent connections to 40, with only 2 torrents max at a time. (or 3 torrents max with 25 connections per torrent.)

Disable DHT, UPnP, and resolve ips/resolve country ips. These create extra connections that the router CAN'T handle.

Lastly, reduce half open max in advanced settings to only 1-4.

That should at least help, but it will mean torrents will start off a little slower than before...taking possibly 10 minutes to get up to speed when before they took 2 minutes. However they should sustain their speeds instead of falling almost to 0 like they are now.

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