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My downloads are set to D: but C: is filling up???


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My location of all downloads is: D:\My Documents\My Downloads\Torrents

....but for some reason, my C: is filling up at the same rate that I am downloading.

This is not good news as I have less than 1GB space left on C:

Does anybody have any idea what could be happening & how I could fix it?

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Here you go:


Also, I am using XP SP2 & uTorrent 1.6.1

I only installed uTorrent yesterday & initially manually chose the location of my dl's (all of them on D: ).

Afterwards I added the "Put new downloads in D:\My Documents\My Downloads\Torrents" to the preferences.

EDIT: also, I am running utorrent.exe from D:\My Documents\My Downloads\Torrents

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No, I haven't been able to locate any new files on C:

Any ideas on how I can locate new files? Windows Explorer hasn't been too helpfull so far.

I am not 100% sure what is responsible, but it only started happening after I started using uTorrent.

Also, C: seems to be filling up at the same rate that I am downloading on uTorrent.

My only theory so far was that uTorrent was temporarily downloading pieces to C: & moving it to D: when the file was completed??? Dunno if that makes sense?

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