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hub switch


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hello to everyone!

i am new to this whole thing, and for days i've been trying to forward ports so i can normally share files. so i created static ip, thru portforward.com, and then i found out that i have a hub switch (asusX 1008). so now i'm stuck :(

please anyone with any tips on what to do next... i would greatly appreciate any suggestions!


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hey, thanks for some help! finally :)

yeah, i know it's a switch, but i have a problem cause i can't find out what is the router that i have.. that switch (asus gigaX 1008) is not on the list at portforward.com.

so now i am stuck, trying to find out what is my router and forwarding the port.

do you have any idea on how to move past this point, please? or somebody?

thanks again!!!

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