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HUGE memory leak since version 1.6.1 and 1.7 beta


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I have been using utorrent for a long time with no trouble, up to version 1.6.

Since version 1.6.1 was introduced (this means also with the 1.7beta) I get a huge memory leak everytime I burn DVDs. It is the same problem when burning with nero and imgburn.

I have 2Gb ram, using windows vista x64.

When utorrent is running and I start to burn a DVD the ram suddenly very quickly fills up to 97% then 99% then 100% and the systems starts to freeze. Once the system is frozen the only way to get it back is to reset the computer. Utorrent was the only app able to crash this system so far.

Once I see the memory filling up, if I am quick enough to close utorrent or to kill its process the memory is released after a few seconds. But this can take a little time as it is swaping like crazy on the hard drive.

I did not have this problem with utorrent 1.6. I also don't have this problem with bitcomet.

I didn't post earlier as I thought this was such an obvious bug it would be fixed quickly. It has been several months now.

Thanks for looking into this.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am not using nvidia firewall, nor any of the other programs listed in the faq that may cause problems.

As I said:

- I do not have this problem with bitcomet and did not have it with utorrent 1.6 (only since 1.6.1).

- utorrent can run for days without trouble. I only get this huge memory leak when I start burning a DVD while utorrent is running.

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Ulayo: the memory leak has nothing to do with this guy's problem.

Is the program itself increasing in memory usage, or is it just your available memory dropping to nothing? If it's the latter, that's Windows failing with the system cache.

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@ Firon:

The utorrent process does not seem to increase in memory usage.

Actually, I see no process increasing (with admin privileges). The memory fills up very quickly, but I dont know what is filling it up. But there is something triggering it "only" when burning a DVD with utorrent running.

As I said, this problem was introduced in utorrent 1.6.1. I don't have this problem with earlier versions or bitcomet.

Is this a bug in utorrent or vista x64 ?

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Firon: Ok, thanks for the feedback. I guess we'll need to bug MS about this.

But isn't there something you could think of that has changed between version 1.6 and 1.6.1 that could cause this, to help us narrowing the problem down?

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Which burning application are you using? - Nero has a few different ways to burn DVD.

I currently don't have any problems. I am using uTorrent 1.6.1 along with eMule 0.47c - running both minimized. I use the latest version of (recently web updated) Nero 7 Ultra Edition using the Nero Express application.

Note: the previous Nero 7 Ultra update (about 2-3 months ago) had a memory issue with Nero Express not releasing memory when exiting application - you needed to kill the unreleased process to get back about 10 meg. But, I did not have any problems with it burning DVDs while running uTorrent and eMule.

(I don't use the more advanced Nero Buring ROM as the Nero Express version is easier and you cannot screw up a Data or Video DVD.)

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Damn Nero Burning Rom 6 and utorrent have never got along with me. When im burning, and download quick, they will just slowly fight each other, with my computer suffering worse and worse as a result. Utorrent will complain about disk being overloaded (and this is the reason im posting, as utorrent stops writing to disc, my download still continues, filling the cache, and increasing ram usage), killing my upload, and then my download. Then Nero's burn speed will slow to a crawl. And then my comp will just become very unresponsive. Thankfully I got multiple drives, now I just make sure whatever im burning comes off the one SATA drive, and whatever Im downloading goes onto another.

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@ Firon : my disks are already on a raid; btw, how would the raid fix the cache problem ?

Is there any reason why utorrent cannot/should not go around the cache like bitcomet ?

UPDATE: the memory leak also happens without burning dvds:

Today I have triggered this memory leak without burning a dvd.

After my system crashed I restarted utorrent. I was downloading a 33Gb torrent containing about 180 files. So while it was verifying the torrent, I changed some files priorities in this torrent's files list. This triggered the same memory leak. The memory quickly filled up to 2Gb and shortly thereafter my system was frozen.

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