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Red circle/No incoming connection/Port issues--need help!


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I've been downloading fine, hibernating the computer overnight. I use a laptop as an internet gateway to my wireless router. I've turned the Windows Firewalls and Norton Personal Firewalls off on both PCs since it stopped downloading at 80.1%. The entire time I've been downloading the one file, the red circle was at the bottom, saying there's no incoming connection. It has been working fine until today. It stopped downloading for about 45 min. D: and U: were at 0.0 kB/s. As I'm typing this though, it just started downloading again, very slowly... averaging about 5 kB/s downloading.

Also, I'm having an issue with my ports. It says that the port is not forwarding and is preventing my peers from connecting to me. I've opened up the port it's trying to connect through in the Windows Firewalls and Norton Firewalls on both PCs, but still insists that the port is not forwarding.

If anyone knows what might have caused it to stop, or what's causing the port not forwarding, PLEASE let me know. Thanks.

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