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What Size Should The Downloading File Be?


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Funny question. But what I mean is that the file I'm downloading is 392Mbytes, says uTorrent.

But in the directory it is downloading to - which should be empty except for this download - there's a file of 540Mb with yesterday's date on it - an ISO file - and a file of 401Mb with today's date on it and that one is an .exe file.

Files with the correct names for this download.

I assume the file with today's date is currently being downloaded.

uTorrent tells me the file is 60% downloaded. But here we are with two files totalling more than twice 392Mb and with one of them complete.

The computer has been on all night long.

I've successfully downloaded about six times previously to this for a total of maybe 8gig, so my installation basically is working okay.

Perhaps it always functions like this and I've just never noticed before.

This download is taking forever. Download speeds about 3kB/s is all.

When I click on 'Files' in uTorrent it tells me there are four files, one of which is an .ISO and it is 529Mb and is currently 16% done.

I did complicate matters a bit by downloading another Torrent (if that's the right way to say it) for the same file after I got annoyed at how long this was taking. I thought it might go quicker. But it didn't. So I stopped it after half an hour maybe, no longer.

It shows on the uTorrent screen as a 529Mb file 3.3% downloaded and Stopped.

I used Nero to burn a CD from the ISO and though everything seems okay it won't run. It doesn't autorun and when I try to make it autorun it claims an 'unhandled exception'.

When I go into the directory where the programme resides that I'm interested in and I click on 'setup' I get a DOS screen blinks on and then off, that's all.

So it looks like this ISO is complete but corrupt.

What's uTorrent doing? Doesn't it know it has downloaded 500Mb?

What's it downloadingnow?

How should it all operate?

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