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Unable to save to network share


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If this has been reported/answered somewhere else, then let me know :)

I typically download things from the utorrent client run on a Win2k3 SP1 server, and in this case I was trying to save the data of the download to a remote network share for space reasons. The torrent would "start" but as soon as a block completed downloading, the torrent would error out complaining about being unable to locate the destination. Also, when starting the torrent, utorrent never creates the directory structure that exists as part of the torrent.

The network share is being accessed via its share directly ( as in, via \\computer\d$\folder ) rather than by a drive mapping to that share. I have not tested to see if the problem exists if a drive mapping is created. I do know it is not a permissions problem - the Win2k3 server has full control privileges on the d$ share of the remote computer.

This problem exists in version 1.2, as well as the 1.1.5 I was running prior to upgrading to 1.2 (hoping it would fix it)

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