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# column and a recent issue


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I lost my uTorrent folder so I used an old backup to restore the setup, but now while downloading 4 torrents at the same time I get only two that are really downloading and have numbers (1 and 2) in the # column. The other two, not downloading, even when they have 60 active connections don't show a number, just a * They are blue, have a good connection to tracker and tons of peers but just no transfer.

I don't remember that behavior from before. Do I have some misconfiguration? What could be happening?

EDIT: Well, I realized why this happen but not how to fix it as there is no option set (I can find) to have this kind of behavior.

The downloads being added have the add window shown (my preference) but the files in the torrent are not selected by default. The option to "Don't start the download automatically" is not clicked and I can't find another option managing that.

Any help?

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