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utorrent slows down all other download (NO SPEED PROBLEM!)


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My only two problems with this great program are these:

When I download 3-?? torrents, all other applications have massive problems with connection to the internet.

I use a 10 MBit full duplex line (10 MBit in every direction) and have restricted utorrent to 800kB/second upload (no download restriction). No router, direct access, firewall is open for utorrent. Even when I do not get full speed (second monitoring with Netmeter), other apllications will most probably time out when trying to connect to the internet.

Special case is firefox, which can not even resolve .php files anymore, trying to download them! FTP-Clients time out too, but most do connect after some tries.

I have no problems with other programs (when NOT running utorrent) like ftp, Download Accelerates and so on, even running at full speed.

Second problem:

DU Super Controller does not recognize utorrent as separate application, so no QOS is possible.

utorrent is installed with default settings.

Windows XP Pro, all updates.


Thx for your help!

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"I even get sometimes the sourcecode of a html-page instead of the page, with code of the BitTorrent Network inside the sourcecode."

An example of this would be helpful, for debugging by the owners and to eliminate a possible conspiracy theory (that µTorrent is taking over your computer.)

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I have no speed problem, i get super speed!!

Please read my post, the problems are much more compilicated

That link Switeck provided does not deal only with slow speeds. Read the link, as the suggestions are much more comprehensive than you seem to think. Even if they don't help, you've still failed to provide information of potential use to us as requested in the link.

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