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Where Can I Learn All About It?


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I think it is time I learned all about uTorrent. Then perhaps I will be able to use it better.

I downloaded a file and it got 99.9% and I have left it there the past three months and it just won't get that last 0.1%. Perhaps if I knew more I'd know what that was about and I'd be able to avoid getting such files.

I downloaded another file - I'm doing it now - and the directory it is going to reports an .ISO in there of 500M and a .EXE of more than 400M (and there was nothing there before this download began and they've got filenames that fit the download) - and yet the uTorrent screen reports the download only 70% finished and the file it is downloading as only 390M !!

Perhaps I could get to understand that.

And every time I start it up again I get the error messages:

Error opening windows firewall.

Unable to map UPnP port.

Well, I don't use the Windows firewall and I don't know what the UPnP port is but, as you can see, the prog essentially works okay. I've successfully downloaded a few gigs so far.

So if I study up on it I might find out what that's all about, does it matter or not or what.

And I don't understand the significance of the Peers and if there's anything I could or should do about them.

And I don't understand the significance of the trackers and if there's anything I could or should be doing about them.

And this same download I was talking about - that is only 70% finished and yet appears finished in the download dir - I attempted to download, at the same time, TWO identical files.

I found the file on two different .Torrent search engines and I downloaded both - thinking one might be quicker than the other and I'd settle for that one.

But there's no sign of any attempt by uTorrent to download two identical files (and perhaps give a unique name to one of them, like download manager will do in Firefox if you try to download the same file twice). There's only this funny carry on of complete files in the dir and uTorrent claiming not to be finished.

I might learn what that's about. Maybe it is a big no-no trying to download the same name file twice.

So if anyone has a tutorial or can point me to one - or can explain all that stuff to me - I would be very glad to know.


ab :)

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