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Invali file/torrent


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i've been using uTorrent for more than a year, and never had troubles with it..that's the reason i kept on using it, actually..:D

it was like that until today..i gather that this is not a big problem, but i'm really confused..

i downloaded a torrent from demonoid, but i kept getting this message when i tried to open it..

i've spoken to the uploader and he told me that everything worked fine and that he had a bunch of peers..

so i DLed torrent as a txt file, and it showed up at the torrent list, but it wouldn't download anything for a really long time..then i removed it, and tried DLing the torrent again, but the same message kept appearing on and on..

i just don't understand this, and i would REALLY like to have that vid..REALLY..:)

so, any one have a piece of advice for me?


:-* :-* :-*

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If you don't mind, you can always send a copy of the .torrent file to greg AT bittorrent.com with a description to see if they can analyze the problem. I'm still more inclined to believe it was actually a .torrent file problem than anything, though.

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