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Blue down arrow..


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I read that this blue down arrow simply means downloading. However, I've read around this forum that green is the more desired icon. Meaning all is well. I would assume that blue would mean DHT, but I'm starting to think that isn't true.

-All- of my torrents have the blue icon and suffer from less than desirable download speeds. Speedguide claims my ports are AOK (forwarded them inside my GT701 modem). No router, just a switch. But no matter what I try, can't seem to get that beautiful little green icon. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy back in the day...but no it's gone away!

I'm sure having a blue arrow is just fine but I can't help to think that since it's not green, something is up! Any ideas you gurus you?

Thanks in advance!


I'm not using any firewall either. My connection is set to xx/386 which is perfect for my upload capabilities. I've also tried lowering the upload speed on a specific torrent, just in case I'm overloading my upload but to no avail. ISP is Qwest and I'm running XP SP2 with the latest tcp/ip patch installed. I'm using the latest Utorrent beta client.

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Oh man. I feel like a retard. I have the green checkmark. So a blue down arrow next to my torrent just means all is fine and dandy? The craptastical download speeds can now be attributed to the poor swarm? Tested with the slack torrent (actually gonna use this) and viola, 400+kb...

Thanks Firon.

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