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Wii's new opera browser and the Webui


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So I've been trying to use the Webui through the Wii so that I can be super lazy and start downloads from my couch. The problem is that it really just isn't feasible without resorting to including such primitive technology as pencil and paper. As I see it this problem could be easily fixed by two sets of people: the developers of this fine program or nintendo, and I kinda figured I'd have better luck trying with you guys..... So the webui opens up totally great on the wii and I can stop and pause and change all sorts of settings but the search bar in the upper right hand corner is nonexistant, the drop-down menu of places to search is present and works, but no box. Now in theory I could search for the torrent and discover its url and then add it in the webui that way, but the wii browser currently has no copy or paste functionality, thus the pencil and paper. And it requires the extra work of going back and for between multiple sites and that's no fun since the wii is also not blessed with tabs. So please help a lazy man out and find the missing search bar.


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