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Quick'N'Dirty P2P Proxy


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Search through major torrent and edonkey engines. One inputs search term, clicks ok and then the page generates links containing this search term to various P2P search engines. There is also a drop down where one selects RSS feed to various [references to illegal material removed]

Link: [link removed for content]


[link removed for content]

I used to dl with BitComet but when i stumbled upon uTorrent i got convinced in it's quality very quickly and with every release uTorrent gets better and better. It is my preffered and suggested client on my small website.

Keep up the great work!

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- Discussions about downloading copyrighted material is highliy discouraged, and under no circumstances are links or specifics to be brought up. Examples of this include talking about what you downloaded a few days ago on KaZaa, what you're downloading using BitTorrent currently, or what you're trying to download (even if it's a problem you're asking about). Linking to such content, as vurlix said, is not permitted.
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