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Rubbish speeds


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Hi all,

I am getting really slow download speeds and i just dont know why. I will just list things from the 'read here first thred' because i dont really know what info you would need...

- The color of the network status light is green,

- The port checker thing said this when i tried it "OK! Port 12126 is open and accepting connections. You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections."

- The affected settings say;

uploadlimit - 186kb/s

Upload slots - 8

connections (per torrent) - 100

connections (gloabal) - 750

max active torrents - 9

max active downloads - 8 (<-- is that the stuff you need to know?)

- I am using windows XP,

- I am using windows firewall and avast! antivirus,

- The router i am useing is (i just got this off the side, so i dont know if its what info you need) : NetGear 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Firewall router - DG834G v2

^ although it is wireless, i am connected to it by a wire...

- My ISP is talktalk (thats probs the problem rite there) :(

- Connection type is cable and the speed test results were - (using broadbandmax.co.uk) - Download = 5317kbps and Upload = 374kbps

I have also tried useing that encryption option, both with it on and with it off .. and i couldnt see a difference.

The file i am trying to download have around 300 users. Also, i am only downloading at around 20kbps, and as you can see from the internet speed test, there is a HUGE difference! So far my download/s have only peeked at 26kbps, and its just not on, it says its going to take one and a half weeks to download a film :s

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance,


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