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"Proxy Connect Error- No Connection could be made because the target..


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machine actively refused it" - this is what is in the tracker status

Can you help?

I can download stuff but for example it took 2 days to download something of about 700MB. My download speeds vary between virtually nothing and 10kBs. I have a broadband connection - speed supposedly 100Mbps. Its quite good as I can watch live football streams without any problems.

I initially didnt have the portforward sorted. I followed the guidelines on portforward.com and got the green circle with a tick ("Network OK - Your connection is working like it should") - so why have I got the red boxes with south facing arrows then?

How can I make the "target machine" accept whatever I have to accept?

Ive tried doing a search for Proxy errors and come up with zip that can help me.

I am using a DSL502T ADSL router.

I suspect i may get more acceptable download speeds if I can get over this problem - hope you can help - and keep things sounding simple as possible as I'm not too au fait with all things computers - definately a sharp learning curve.


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