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utorrent cannot connect to internet from my office...


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I've just loaded utorrent into my office PC ... i went in and put in my proxy type, server, port and username and password to access the internet which works fine when i used interent explorer but with utorrent its unable to establish connection.. :|

i got all this information from proxy setting in internet options of internet explorer....


can some one help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks

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Hey, it will depend on what firewall your network admins are running MS-ISA, sonicwall etc. and whether or not your admins provide you with a default gateway.

If you admins don't give your machine a default gateway, all non-ie aware programmes will require their own proxy settings, if you can open up a command windows and type "ipconfig" (no quotes obv.) look for the default gateway address, if it is an address on your machines subnet you should be fine, and the problem lies with the firewall.

Check this post re: utorrent and ISA server-


If its something other than ISA, e.g. SonicWall or Cisco PIX then your probably buggered :D

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