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uTorrent crash with NOD32 IMON...


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You can see my problem here -> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=22717

But i fix it installing uTorrent 1.6.xx as you can see in the link...

Anyway, i will upload the crash dump file to send you ( theres another way to send this file? )

While i'll send you by Rapidshare -> http://rapidshare.com/files/27123890/1170-utorrent.913b.dmp

It's not a virus XD...

Thanks :)

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Why not use the same thread then?

By the way, I have been using NOD32 since the earliest versions of utorrent and I have never had any problems at all (incl. the latest beta)

But you can always try this (I have never been using it):

Uncheck AMON-->Options->Potentially unwanted applications and Potentially unsafe applications.

Also you can add utorrent.exe to AMON--> Exclusions

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Sorry... i thought it will be much better if i post this problem here...

Anyway, in Nod32 i have unchecked that options that you told me. uTorrent doesn't give me troubles anymore... i'm downloading things that i want soon, so i will try again the latest versions later...

Thanks for your help :)

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