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Dear Developer, PLEASE!


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Hello This Message about "If you buy this software...."

can you create a timer (like for trial period)

I live in russia and downloading automaticly at night with dial-up dialer

but utorrent FREEZENG on this message after dialer run it

it's very bad thing

10..9.8...1...0... automaticly OK

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That totally defeats the purpose of the message, as it's meant to be seen. Is it showing every time you run µTorrent? In any case, the developers have an idea on how to make it show up less often, so the best you can do is wait and see how that idea pans out.

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The message showing after long time...

For Example:

i shutdown computer on few hours (2-3)

and then i start computer and run manually utorrent

I am a developer too =)

And i'm think ypu may to do timer for a few seconds in button





i tryed many torrent programs? It's all shit!

your the program is great! but this damn message killing autamate of downloading process

Best Regards! i'll be waiting..

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Which would, again, defeat the purpose, as the people selling it could just modify the settings and package the executable with settings.dat. The bottom line is, this message isn't supposed to be showing more than once anyway, so having an advanced option for it would be a cheap workaround for the problem.

Considering how many people still come to the forums saying they paid for µTorrent, I'm not so sure the dialog is even serving its purpose... Perhaps it should be removed entirely :\

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because earlier version have not this message dialog


it showing every time! and it is a bug!

and my friend see this message every time!

Resolve this shit, and don't reject every bug reporter!


Да пошли вы все нахуй! бездари тупые! им баг сообщаешь а они тебя чмырят и нахуй шлют!

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