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bt broadband 8mb connection. poor speeds


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gettin a torrent with 300 seeds and only 20kb download speed . heres my settings, should i change anything?

max upload rate -20

max download rate - 350

max number of connections - 350

max number of connected peers - 350

upload slots - 5

number of active torrents - 3

number of active downloads - 2

half open *20

thanks alot.

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Selecting the proper upload rate in the Speed Guide would be a much better idea than arbitrarily selecting settings. BT has been known to throttle BitTorrent sometimes (might be a region and/or time-of-day thing). Lastly, just to make it clear, more seeds doesn't necessarily mean more speed (if that was what you were thinking).

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asherj123 i also am with bt/yahoo >8MB.

I get about 2.2meg because of my distance from the exchange.

For the last few weeks DL's have been really slow during the day but at 12 midnight i max out @230KB down.

This stops at about 8am and goes to back to my normal daytime speed of 45KB down.

It doesn't matter what/where i DL from.

Even the Open Office files which are supposed to be on a really fat pipe.

I got a green tick in UT and all firewalls are forwarded and ports forwarded.

Double check your settings and read the FAQ but i think BT/Yahoo is throttling connections during the day.


Does any one know if there is a way to check if you are being throttled ?

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ayup i have the same problem, and am 100% not firewalled, being experienced in bit torrent downloads i know full well i have everything setup correctly in xp, utorrent and my router, all 3 say i'm wide open, but why do i get crappy bittorent speeds.

I have 6mb connection with bt and if i dl anything none bittorrent off the web i get my full speed, as soon as i use bittorent i get somewhere in the region off 10kbs sometimes going up to 50kbs on the odd occasion(50% of the time i have no problems though), even while this is happening i can download the average none bittorrent stuff at full speed but bittorrent speeds are the same :( crap), now its not allways like this, sometime i could be dl at 540kbs( bittorrent) then suddenly it can go down to 10kbs and stay there!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd have to say from all my experience that british telecom are somehow capping my broadband speeds, i've tried different ports but the speed still stays the same, and i know how easy it is for you guys to say set the upload correctly ect, but i can confirm that it is not that.


I thought id register on this site after reading this post, its probly not the posters fault, its something todo with bittorrent and bt broadband.

When your dl bittorrent dude goto a normal website and download something over http ect and you should have full speed, i've had this bullcrap going on for months and months now, it's proper wack!!!!

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You are preaching to the choir! I too get no better than 20kB/s on any torrent. The Indian helpdesk is just an insult.

I have spoken to some people in England, who all either claim they are "not technical" or "that is a matter for the techical helpdesk" and push you from one useless twat to the next.

I have already written my letter of cancellation.

What kind of a company ties you into a 12 month contract? I'll tell you - one that knows its service is shite and needs tricks to keep you! Absolutely disgraceful.

Bunch of ignorant useless wankers!

Here is a quote from the website on BT Broadband Option 3 - "With a fast broadband connection, you can now do so much more online, like streaming video and music, making voice and video calls and playing games. Web pages load almost instantly, and sending and receiving large email attachments or downloading a music track takes only seconds."


This is the only way we can beat these useless dickheads, as Ofcom seem happy for this to continue!

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