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Port Forwarding Help - Buffalo WHR-G54S Router


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I've disabled my firewall, and I've followed the instructions at portforward.com(found a similar model to my router), I've set the computer to have a static ip, I've unchecked the randomize port on utorrent, and I still get a "port is not open" message when I test the port. I've provided a few screen captures to see if anyone can spot something that isn't right. Thanks for anyone deciding to help me!

This is just the "System Information" displayed in the router:


This is the NAT table:


The Static IP settings on the computer


Does the actual port matter? I've heard some ISP's "block" ports because they know p2p uses them? I have comcast by the way.

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...? The highest IP in the range could only be -- how does your range go up to .264?

SurfBoards have been known to interfere with port forwarding. Try connecting your computer directly to the SurfBoard -- is the port still blocked?

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Heh, probably true, having fun doing vector fields in 3-space has rotted my algebra skillzzz.

But, in fact, I thought the "up to 64 addresses" part meant that the address went from .201, .210, .220...up to .264. I totally forgot that the ".2" is actually .002.

So, if its my surfboard modem blocking/interfering with my port, how do I stop it?

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