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seeding way beyond selected ratio.


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while µTorrent is still downloading a torrent, i can't seem to limit its seeding using any setting. as a result, i've many times had a ratio of 4-5 upon completion, if the download speed was much slower than my upload. this is normally not important, but one connection i use has an upload cap, which makes it important to calculate an exact seeding amount.

so, i'd like to know how i can set up µTorrent to, for example, seed a maximum 150% of the total torrent size, regardless of how quickly that 150% is reached during the download process.

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the queueing section of the preferences, for me at least, only control what happens when the download has completed. while the download is still ongoing, the torrent seeds to an unlimited ratio.

for reference, i have it set to:

9 max active torrents

8 max active downloads

seed while ratio <=150% or seeding time is [ignore]

seedings tasks not higher priority than downloading tasks

limit upload rate to 0 kB/s when torrent has reached seeding goal

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