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Discuss sth about "max connection per torrent"


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Recently,I found out actually "max connection per torrent" is an interesting stuff.It really worth adjusting according to the different torrent situation.

My Net Situation:Download max approximate 200k/s.(I mean when I use http or ftp),upload max 50k/s.I get used to download only one torrent when using uT.

In the Guider's opinion,max connection per torrent have to be no more than 90 in such a situation.Actually,i think it depends on the numbers of total seeds and peers.

I tried a little seeds/peers torrent with 'max 90' and in fact 60connections there.Then I up the max connection number.of course,no more down speed.It could be understood because the torrent is not popular and max the "max connection number per torrent" wont get more connections and down speed.

Then I tried a popular torrent with the default setting.I mean 90-max connection number per torrent.Down speed is about 100 here.And the number of total connection is 90.Then I tried to add "max connection number per torrent"to 180 and of course the actual connection number is gradualling up...and to 180.This time.Download Speed:160k/s.Great

So,in my opinion.It should be a dynamic number.Though when u have an unpopular torrent,up "max connection number per torrent" means noting or even worse(actually i dont know why it will be worse and just know means noting),it is essential to up it when u have a popular torrent.Am I right?

Any discuss or guide is welcomed!THX!

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Each additional connection generates additional protocol overhead in addition to the additional overhead of keeping the connection open.

Connecting to more peers isn't as benificial as setting everything else up properly.

Having the number of peer connections high only got you better speeds by luck. Had you simply left the task alone, it would have sped up on its own if you were set up properly.

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Seeding a torrent doesn't require as high a max connections per torrent, since seeds ONLY connect to peers -- though someone who set multi-file torrents to download only certain files would still connect.

Beyond 30 connections per torrent, you're only getting extra download speed by leeching -- since you're only uploading to a fraction of them via your upload slots per torrent. Setting upload slots high is VERY counter-productive, as is setting it too low.

Typically, the max connections per torrent value is never reached on torrents -- even ones with far more seeds/peers than that. µTorrent slows down its connection rates as it nears the max value, but still allows all incoming connections up to that max amount.

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