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Power Failure Now I have a CRC error??? Please help


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Ok I was at work today just got home about 1AM, I was downloading an 8GB file, and it is now 82 percent done. The power went out at my work and I am assuming it did at my house as well, anyways I came home my computer was off, booted it up and went to start utorrent and it says data error CRC. There has got to be away to get it to continue downloading, my hard drive is fine, brand new in fact, and have yet to have any problems with it, it did this because of the power failure I am guessing. I really do not want to have to re download 8GB, anything I can do to fix this, there are 2 iso images as part of the torrent I am downloading, any chance that I may only have to re download 1 of them instead of both, If I only had to re-download 4GB it would save me a lot of hassle.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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