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Port blocked after XP reinstall


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This has me completely baffled. Im able to download with absolutely no problems. But uploadings blocked? Had to format and reinstall XP due to bad corruption. I was suprised, it was almost a full year without a format =) Anways, After installing XP I try accessing utorrents and see the ports blocked. I look at router settings and see the ports still listed. I take router off and connect directly to dsl modem.Still the ports showing as blocked and even with windows firewall shut off. Am I crazy or is there some update xp snuck in blocking uploads?

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Speedstream DSL 5100 Modem

Linksys Befsr41 router ver 4.2

Windows XP

So far, I have removed the routher and connected directly to the modem. Wether routers in place or not same problem. I can download, but ports blocked for uploading. And its not just utorrents, its my website as well. Its almost like all the ports are locked yet I cant see why, as the firewalls disabled. Heres whats been done.

Linksys router, ip has been set to static (mycomputer)

Port Forwarding set to tcp and UDP 49152

Windows Firewall set to (off)

If I run port test, port is blocked. Tried this with different port ranges. And as I said, its not just utorrents, its also my website. Im wondering if by any slim chance the cause is from restoring using an icon backup made by NTI backup. Weird thing is, the restore hasworked in past.

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