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Webseeds in 1.7 beta


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I'm trying to get the webseed feature in 1.7 beta to work. I have a .torrent with 8 webseeds and in Azureus it seems to pick them up just fine and downloads from them, but in uTorrent nothing really happens. It lists the webseeds in the "general" tab under webseeds, but apart from that there's no way to enable/interact with the feature.

1) How do I get it to work?

2) Are there any ways that I can turn on some more debugging to see what's going on?

3) Can you select whether it should always use webseeds or use them only when no peers are around?

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1> Great

2> Thanks, didn't think about right-clicking there before.

3> My torrent is currently at maximal availability (59,6% in my case) but I see no attempts to start any downloads in the logger tab with all logging options (peer traffic, errors, verbose) enabled.

There are occasional UPnP messages as well as attempts to connect to some firewalled peers.

What am I looking for? How would I know if it attempted to connect to a webseed but failed?

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> It only supports the Getright webseeding spec. And currently only for single files (which will be fixed eventually).

The webseeds are listed in the .torrent as described on the Getright page (url-list => list of urls) and they correctly appear on the "general" tab when selecting the downloading .torrent. Also the .torrent only contains a single file.

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Hmm, was wondering if someone successfull with http seeding through utorrent

could whip up a manual for dummies.

All I got from adding a http seed was utorrent showing a complete download (was watching the speed window)

but it didn't add anything to the target file.

So I'm a bit stuck atm.

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Ya, it should be fine, but all I manage to do is break the torrent when I try to edit it.

So still... if anyone could clear it up and explains the jinxed problems to stay away from.

Shouldn't it be as simple as: Paste the http/ftp address into the tracker field when you create the torrents :) ?

I'm still weary to this style of using webseed. All it takes is one that edits the torrent and picks out the http/ftp addys and posts it on multiple places to cause havoc on your server.

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Hmm.... well.. lets see if we could get somewhere with this instead and get a clearer answer :)

Where in my example lies the problem compared to the example from getrights page?

Getrights example:



13:creation datei1128487910e



My example:



10:created by







d6:lengthi1531e4:name10:filmin.gif12:piece lengthi65536e6:pieces20:

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Uhm, you know fellas.. it would have been real easy to say:

26:http://www.oppnakanalen.se/stockholm/filmin.gif << 26 is wrong, it has to be the same number as there are chars

47:http://www.oppnakanalen.se/stockholm/filmin.gif (47 in this case, so this one works)

Like draining a stone for water :)

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