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speed issue


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Network Status : Green

port Status : Open Accepting All connections

upload limit 22kb/s , connections per torrent 70 , connections global 130

OS: Windows xp running windows firewall and AVG antivirus

router seimens speedstream 4200 connection type DSL

download speed 210 kb/s upload speed 103 kb/s

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Network status yellow

port open green

speed setting 2Mbit

OS Vista......downloaded new beta

Firewall/virus McAfee....Firewall turned off ........Windows....allowing utorrent

Router My essentials Wireless G router Me1004-4

Modem Siemens Speed stream 4100

Isp AT and T DSL

4225Kbps download 614 upload

Network Status stays yellow. Downloads slows. Done everything on set up page and port forwarding. Got the port open and was able to up the speed a lil, but it is still yellow.


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Since your DSL is so low-end you probably need to choose xx/128k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).


Because you have 614 kilobit/sec upload bandwidth, you need to choose the xx/640k setting in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

It only causes problems to tell µTorrent to upload faster than your connection allows.

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The modem is okay. I have torrent also set up on my desktop and it is green. Jus on my laptop it is yellow. yesterday i restarted my laptop and it turned green for about a minute and went back to yellow. I do turn off the desktop to help the speed and I did match the port numbers. That helped a lot, but still yellow now...on laptop. I just got this not too long ago and still trying to figure it out. (laptop)

Thanks for all your help

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When you press Ctrl G there is this spot that read Current port. The desktop port was working and reading open, but the wireless laptops was reading closed. The laptop had a different Current port #.....So since they are both using the same modem I made them the same. I switch the laptops to match the desktops #. Now Both are reading opened and ok. The laptop is downing a lil faster now(I've seen it up to 170kbs at one point), but usually 60kbs. The yellow triangle is still at the bottom of the laptop program though, but it is green on the desktop.

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You can't have 2 computers on the same network using the same port in µTorrent without problems.

Were you using UPnP and only ran 1 computer's µTorrent at a time, then it *MIGHT* work...but even still if you closed one and opened the other really quick the old port forwarding route might still be in effect.

Both computers need a different listening/incoming port in µTorrent and both need to be forwarded in the same manner on your router. Also both need to have static LAN ip addresses (usually 192.168.something.something), which is set on the computers themselves...not on the router.

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