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arcor-ip.net shows as wrong country


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This is no serious bug and maybe not even solveable by utorrent coders, as I don't know who manages the country to IP database, but anyways...

I noticed utorrent (newest beta and 1.6.1) does show clients with an IP from the range - to be from the US, while they really belong to Arcor (arcor-ip.net) a german ISP.

edit: Maybe utorrent simply takes all .cno domains as US? That'd explain the error. Though this is an easy way to relate IPs to countries, it's not very accurate, I know of at least one other german ISP that uses .net for some connections, and it's not a small but probably the biggest german ISP. On the other hand I have no idea how to implement that country thing more accurate but as simple. Declaring .cno as international would also be wrong - so maybe it's best to leave it as it is and keep my client disguise as being from the US. :)

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