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Connection problems with a modem...


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Hello im hoping someone can help me.

Heres the deal, i just got a new computer last month, it has windows xp media addition 2005 installed on it. No torrent downloaders work properly. I am directly connected to my computer by a cable modem. I know thats not the problem because its the same modem i have had for about a year and utorrent worked just great on my old computer. I have tried all kinds of things, i have changed my upload/download speeds, turned off DHT and Upnp(which make it go alittle faster), turned off my firewall, ive even tried to open up ports which i should have to do since i dont have a router. I saw in another post something about a update to the TCP thing for the nividia driver so i did that hoping that would fix it. My average DL speed is about 50kbs give or take, when it used to be much much more with a crappy computer. Ive went through all kinds of posts trying to find out whats going on. but nothing has helped so far. ive tried utorrent versions 1.3,1.5,1.6,1.7, Azureus, bittorrent. none of them work. they all say im not getting any incoming connections.

Can anyone help me with this please?

Edit: Never mind this, after what felt like forever i have finally figured it out, when i was playing with my network properties i just uninstalled some things in my local area connection, that i guess what blocking all the incoming connections. sorry for your time if you read this..

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