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Restored drive image - now can't delete old torrent - Crashes on click


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I've read the guides but can't seem to get this figured out. Just started using utorrent a couple weeks ago.

I use True Image to do drive backups and keep alot of apps on a seperate drive partition to keep file size down.

In this case I have utorrent and it's data files stored on a seperate drive.

Problem is when I restored the system, it picked up an old torrent that I had since completed. But when I click on it to cancel, utorrent crashes.

The data folders where torrent and the data folder is stored are empty and I don't see anything in the program folder either ...

Using v1.7beta

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you can't just say 1.7beta... you have to say WHICH beta... there are at least a dozen different ones, and it matters...

Find out if you're using the latest build, and if you're not, update to the latest build.

Come back if your problem still exists.

-- Smoovious

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Didn't think file and data locations would change with different builds ...

Looks to be v1.7 Beta build 1085

Any chance of just getting the REG and DATA locations not in the normal DATA folders ? Just trying to find where the data was stored ...

BTW: I did update to the latest build and was able to delete the old torrent, Thanks !

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