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more life for torrent


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firstly, congratulations for utorrent. Finally a nice torrent client done fine. I write to you because I had an idea that maybe can improve the life of the torrent files. Okay, it is much simple. When one man complete any download, difficultly it remains like a seed for long time. This because a man will download some other thing and will be in need of space on his hard disk, or of connection band increase. Then how to improve all of this? For get torrent a long life in a simple way I think it is necessary to have a cache. In this cache will go many little parts from many torrents, and reserve at the cache a 1/4 of band connection for example. In that way also if the file will be deleted from the automatic seeding it will be reserved. For example take 100 megabyte, as to do when the download is end from the torrent automatically a part of that file will be copy in that cache file, and the file, teorically, will have a more long life. The only weak of the torrent is that their life is so short, but this is only for rare files, but in this way, that I tried to explain you, all files could have a more long life. I hope that you will like this idea.

Best greets,


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