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Disk full error


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I haven't read the entire 40 pages of suggestions plus other topics, so if this idea was already posted before, I appologise.

This is my problem: Recently I've been downloading some slightly unpopular torrents, so in order to download at full speed I had to start up several of them. This was more than my hard disk could handle (about 20 GB with 10-15 GB of free space).

What torrents do is download random bits and pieces from everywhere in the file and write them on the disk, so if a 1MB chunk is downloaded from the end of a file, the whole file (up to that point) is alocated on the disk.

If the file can't allocate the whole thing, the torrent is automatically stopped with a 'Disk full' error. This is very inconvenient, since that torrent could've kept downloading pieces of the file for which it had already alocated the required space.

I see 2 solutions for this:

1. automatic restart of these torrents

2. in case disk space is insufficient for the whole job, download just the pieces for which space was already alocated. Something along the lines of setting priority levels for individual pieces of the download... and from here on loads of new features can be added (eg. setting a higher priority for the first few pieces of a video, to be able to preview it as soon as possible).

Got any other ideas on how to extend this? Post here

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I dont get the idea of point 1. Whats the point in auto restarting if its just gonna error on lack of space again.

As for point 2, i dont like the idea of priorities for pieces. And continuing to download pieces for already allocated files raises the question of how to inform the user that the drive is full?

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1. It will error again after downloading a certain amount of data, so the download will keep going... slower and bumpier, but it will keep going.

2. It's the operating system's job to inform you of such things, but if you really want the warning to come from the torrent client, I guess a balloon pop-up would suffice.

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