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Why can't I seed??


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This is something that's puzzled me for a while..

Right now for example I don't want to dl anything but I'm ok with seeding. The seeding flag is on this specific torrent for example.

It says there are 23 peers and I'm only connected to 1?

In fact this situation exists for the other 2 torrents also.. lots of peers, connected to maybe 1 or 2, and upload speed to them is in the order of 1-2 k/s.

Why not give them all the available bandwidth and connect to more peers?

This is with 1.2 but problem existed with all previous versions too..

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Check on tracker for torrent and look in stats for torrent. Find yourself in seeder section (if you are there) and see if trkr has column for "connectable" and whether or not you are connectable! Probably not! If not then its a firewalled.

A good hint your not is if you seed while downloading but not after you are done!


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