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HELP!! My disk is full!


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  • 5 weeks later...

Thank you for your advice which worked successfully. However, having now added additional disk storage to my system and massively reorganising my file system (4.5TB!), I am experiencing a much more difficult and complex problem.

I had approx 500GB of torrents and data in three seperate sub directories, each on a seperate physical disk. I exited uT, moved all the torrets and data to one directory on one physical disk and set the download location accordingly for each torrent, then forcing a recheck and restart of each torrent.

To my amazement the program has started re-creating some of the old directories in their old locations, sometimes re-starting the whole download, sometimes, apparently, copying all the data back to its old location. This has led, in some instances where I have tried to restore the required structure, to me copying over my original complete files with new partial or empty files of the same name. Now that could have led to me losing many, many hours of hard won movies.

Fortunately, I have always been extravagant enough to copy each complete movie to yet another seperate directory on another seperate physical disk while leaving the original data in it's original location to enable me to continue seeding the files. Now you will begin to understand why and how I need 4.5TB of storage!!

I had hoped to discontinue this profligate waste of space but thank God, I didn't.

I have now unistalled uT. I am about to reboot, reinstalll and reset the download location for all my torrents yet again. I am in trepidation that I am about to see the program start re-creating directories on my system again. I will report back.

Any advice would be very welcome.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way? Can I safely avoid having to keep two copies of everything? Is there life after death? Why do I bother?

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Not shure why you experience the reported behaviour.

make sure you do not use µT's downloadfolder automatics. maybe that is what interferes with your manual settings of locations.

And of course make sure you observe the fact that you do not point INTO a multifile subdirectory if the torrentstructure includes this directory in case µT can't find the content

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