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"Move .torrents for finished.." are auto renamed to ????.torrent


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I have the "Move .torrents for finished jobs to" option set to "c:\torrents\old". Simple enough. However, I've noticed some the torrent files with chinese characters in their directory names (the name that is listed in the utorrent queue window) gets automatically renamed when they are moved to the c:\torrents\old directory. Hence, the original torrent name of "Taxidermia.2006.DVDRip.XviD-HanStyle.torrent" gets renamed to "????.torrent" (they show up as square blocks in utorrent's queue window).

Is there any way to disable this auto-rename feature of .torrent files? I use the "c:\torrents\old" directory as a dupe check and obviously a file name of ????.torrent doesn't help me in the least when I check for dupes.

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