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Error Messages After Moving Download Location And Restarting


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I'm getting these error messages since I relocated my downloads and restarted my computer (many of these files have long-since downloaded 100% and were seeding until I did this).

Error: (No message; nearly all have this blank message).

Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck.

Error: The system cannot find the file specified.

Error: The system cannot find the path specified.

Dumb questions:

1 Are my completed downloads on my HD useable, i.e., do these messages only apply to the client?

2 Can I restart my many downloads that were in progress prior to this goof?

3 I've been through the portforward.com tutorial on port forwarding and nothing changed at all that I can see... still have the red "not connectable" warning. Where do I go from here?

4 I'm DOWNLOADING at between 40kB/s and 195kB/s; probably an average of 75kB/s; what could I expect if I had the green "port forwarded" symbol? I'm UPLOADING at a quite steady ~40kB/s.


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4 since you don't told us how fast your line is/what your settings are we can't tell you what you could expect

1 2 yes, your files are still usable, you must inform µT however that they are now somewhere else -> Rightclick the torrent in µT -> advanced -> set downloadlocation -> point to the new location, do a force recheck and µT will find the already downloaded stuff. see the migration guide for more detailed explainations

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