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uTorrent limits my download speed...


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Hello. I am using uTorrent 1.6.1 Beta (Build 483).

uTorrent limits my maximum download speed to only 175 kb/s (kilobytes per sec). I have a 3 mbps DSL connection / 800 kbps upload.

I can get about 285 kb/s on direct downloads and with other BitTorrent clients (BitComet).

I've been all over uTorrents settings. I've manually set the maximum download speed to 370 kb/s but it still refuses to go over 175!

If I were to set the download and upload to zero, then restart uTorrent and start a task, then click the Speed tab, it would have 175 kb/s set as the maximum.

Like I said. It doesn't matter if I change it, it won't increase anything.

I've forwarded both ports 37277 tcp and udp, enabled the encryption, ran the speed test at dslreports.com (always got around 2500 kbps), etc.

What's the best port for uTorrent? My router will not let me use any port above 49151.

I have a Netopia Cayman 3346 dsl router with a built-in modem.

Please help!

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