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wireless and cant forward my port


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I am very new to the whole port forwarding thing but a quick learner. I tried what I thought would have been the correct way to forward my ports. I would expalin everthing i tried but that would take to long to explain so i am simply going to ask someone if they could pretty please explain to me how to forward my port, step by step. Pretty Please, if its not too much trouble I would really appriciate it. Thank You. I am working on a Viao with XP SP2, Wireless Connection, using a ORiNOCO Wireless LAN PC Card. Thanks again.


sorry if this question upset some of you that are here to help, but you dont have to be so rude in your reply. It takes alot for some to ask for help and it people like you who stop that from happening. The people who i am talking about know this post is for them.

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