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Reinstallation of Windows XP has slowed everything down :<


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Firstly, id like to thank all the developers of uTorrent...your amazing.

I have been using utorrent for almost a year now and constantly had total download speeds of 500kb/s, this would increase to 800+kb/s when downloading 24,Lost or a popular movie.

When i first used utorrent i followed all the steps in the speed guide, port forwarding guide, static ip, firewall rules (F-Secure) etc. I made a note of all the settings so that i could set the exact settings after formatting my PC.

A couple of weeks ago i carried out my annual format, reinstalled windows, installed my software and set the exact same settings i had before the formatting. However, my speeds are now so slow its unbelievable. the total dwnld never goes above 50kb/s and i cant figure out why:

DHT: used to be constant at 274 nodes but now i nearly always get 0 to 50 nodes or "waiting to log in"

The badge is always green and the upnp always maps my router (Netgear DG834PN)

i formatted again to try things out like installing no security software and disabling windows firewall and not doing windows update but its the same. i have tried azureus but thats even slower.

i formatted again and neglected my noted settings and set everything up from scratch (new speed test, new port number etc) but its still the same.

i thought i new everything there was to know about setting up utorrent but this has completely stumped me. any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.....Many thanks.

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