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I am not sure if this has been brought up before, I had a quick scan of the forum before considering posting.

It seems that when I use webui to add a .torrent, it automatically saves it to the directory that the shortcut that I clicked was in. For example if I have a shortcut on my desktop to utorrent, it saves to there. I assume that this is because my shorcut contains no "start in" address, so it starts the executable with the current directory being the directory of the link.

I have also checked that this does not happen when manually adding a torrent without the webui.

My OS is Vista Ultimate x64 and I was using the current latest webui under firefox on the same machine. I added the torrent by downloading the .torrent file and then using the file upload of the webui.

I assume that the way of putting them in a specific directory is to use the "always put downloads in: ..." option, but if this isnt used, it should probably at least use the same directory as it does without the webui (which I believe is [My ]Documents\Downloads\) rather than utorrent.exe's current directory.

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Yea the default location is in preferences (see the last paragraph of my previous post), but it is unchecked and blank by default.

I dont know about the last used directory, i just installed utorrent, dragged a torrent in and it put it there (i just clicked OK when it asked where to put it) so I would say that is the default directory.

Now, once I had done that, the last used directory is wherever that put it, but as I mentioned, it didn't put it there, it put it in the directory of my utorrent.exe shortcut.

I tried to keep the report detailed incase it turns out to be a bug report, or is ever used as a feature.. because saving to the directory where my utorrent shortcut is wouldnt be very good. In my case I have a "tools" directory on my desktop, and it made a subdirectory in there per torrent, for others they may have clicked a link in their start menu or whatever, in which case it would create a subdirectory in their start menu.

I don't know if this has only happened to me, but I just did a fresh install, moved the shortcut from my desktop to a subdirectory of my desktop, tried 1 torrent the normal way, put the webui on, tried a torrent and it created it in a further subdirectory, so if others dont get this problem on the same platform as me, I don't see what I could have done to provoke this behaviour :S

EDIT: note that in the torrent information from the webui before "always put downloads in: ..." is used, the "SAVE AS" field just shows a file name with no path. This will be why it saves in the working directory of the shortcut that invoked utorrent.

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