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The Number 1 Question! Is downloading movies you find on UT LEGAL??


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Well, if I find a movies by using one of U-Torrent sites - how am I to know that

"The Content" is in reality NOT to be downloaded?

Why then is it (the content - movie, etc) shown at all. on the different sites?

I know - I paid for the use of U-Torrent, just like some other fools - now I know that it is FREE - but how am I to know which content is questionable and which isn't?

What do I use UT for anyway? It's all a big mess!!!

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This question cannot be properly answered. It depends on the laws of your country. In general in Western countries downloading anything without the authors consent (usually in the form of a public license) is forbidden. There can be exceptions for example things considered in the public domain.

Infringement letters at this time are baseless. The basis companies use for sending these letters won't up as good evidence in court but that doesn't mean they won't be able to get that evidence the next time.

Piece of advice: Always deny the activity in these letters especially to your ISP even if it is true.

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Well, if I find a movies by using one of U-Torrent sites

The only µTorrent site is www.utorrent.com, and there is no content linked on it, only the client.

The sites you can visit from the search within µTorrent are not related to µTorrent.

These sites provide their torrents because certain downloads and certain content are not illegal in certain countries, and because a lot of people just don't care and will download illegaly anyway.

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