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Vista Incoming TCP Connections Thread


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Hey guys, so Ive been a user of bittorrent for a long time now. (Running XP). Have great speeds, no problems ever. I just wiped my system clean and did a fresh install of Vista Home Premium. To be honest, Im noticing faster speeds downloading from sites like fileplanet, and MS, etc. But ive noticed there seems to be a problem connecting to peers in VISTA. Ports are open, no firewalls are installed.. Like i said, I got great speeds on the same hardware before the upgrade.

I read that there are some incoming TCP tweaks you can do to not limit the connections to 10 or 25 or whatever the default is.. I tried it with the registry edits, and still having no luck.

If anyone has any information or easy help tips, they would be much appreciated.


Update: Seems as if i can connect to more than the limited number of seeds/peers in uTorrent now.. But each one gives me about a max of .4 k/sec

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Win XP may have just been more forgiving when using bad settings.

Please list the settings you're using as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and the bandwidth of your connect both down and up.

We'll probably spot a bad setting if there is one.

The 10 half open connection limit in Win XP was why µTorrent's default half open limit was set to 8. But that may still be too high for Vista. Do note that HALF open connections are only the number of connection ATTEMPTS being made at once, not how many already-made connections you can have at once. It's like trying to make new phonecalls all at once, alot more is *NOT* better even if your computer+network can handle it! It only helps start a torrent a few seconds faster on torrents with LOTS of seeds+peers.

If your µTorrent is unfirewalled, then it won't need to make as many rapid outgoing half open connections because other people will automatically be connecting to you anyway. (These are incoming connections on µTorrent's listening ip port.)

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