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Modify the WebUI?


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Hey, I just have a question, is it possible to modify the WebUI?

Some basic things I want to change/add are:

1) add a javascript redirect so you dont always have to type in /gui/ at the end of the URL

2) direct download of completed torrents (for things like folders and multiple files per torrent i'll make a coldfusion script to zip it on request and keep it cached)

3) implement my own rss downloader until uTorrent has time to release they're functionality (cold fusion script and that handy uTorrent WebUI File Handler made by someone here on the forums, forgot his screen name)

4) and some random other things

Anyway, before i go coding away, just curious if this is possible or does uTorrent stop this kind of thing (asuming because the webui files have to be zipped)

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1) Not sure what that has to do with webui, as there's absolutely no way to make it behave like that unless you run your own web server and redirect viewers to http://IP:port/gui/

2) Not possible without modifying the µTorrent core first.

Yes, it's possible to modify WebUI if you feel like inserting whitespaces into the code. Not all changes you might want to make will be possible without modifying µTorrent itself.

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