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Seeding to just one leecher/peer in a swarm


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Is it possible to seed to just one leecher/peer in the swarm?

Here is my scenario. I am the initial and only seed with a full copy. The one leecher, whose IP I know is a 100 mbps dump. My upload speed is slow 30 KB/s.

This way I connect to the 100 mbit leecher seed to it, and he seeds to the others in the swarm. The 100 mbit server gets a full copy, and I disconnect.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

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I do not have FTP access to it. I know in Azureus, the IP filter could either allow or deny access to specified. Hope this might be the case in uTorrent in the future as well. Currently it is only Deny.

Thanks a lot DreadWingKnight for your time.

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