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uTorrent 1.6.1 stops working, suddenly


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I have a huge problem...

My configs:

System:windos xp home sp 2, 1.66 Ghz dual core 32 bit(T2300);1Gb Ram;


Avira Antivir Personal edition classic

Belkin F5D8230-4 v2

Cable Speed: 2.6mb/s down, 1.7mb/s up

I installed the new utorrent, bittorrent annoyed me. So i forwarded the port, opened it in the firewall and the router, enabled uPnP... Everything works fine i have downloads sometimes up to 400 kb/s (combined), uploads up to 200 (limited by recommendation of utorrent). So after a couple hours utorrent just stops working suddenly, all arrows turn read for tracker problems, no download speed, no uploads speed, and no entry at the logger. The weird thing is my internet is still working so the router didn't crashed , my windows is still working, also antvirus doesn't give any answers about the problem. ALSO when i just restart uTorrent it works fine again for a couple hour's.

This problem annoys me because it stopps when i want it to run over the day when iam away or when i sleep and it stops loading after 2-3 i started the program.

Does any one has any Idea what it is ????

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