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ROXIO and Sonic Solutions


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Does anybody here know how I might rid myself of these horrid pests?

I purchased Easy Media Creator 9 (and more, like a fool) from Sonic Solutions.

Brown stuff hit the wall as soon as VISTA took over my computer. Sonic's junk will not go away no matter what I do. I'm stuck in a nightmare loop with this crappy product infesting my computer. At first it was just annoying to see persistent error messages about a "DLA driver from Sonic Solutions" which shut down EMC9 due to compatibility issues with VISTA. Since Microsoft is a much bigger player than Sonic Solutions I accepted the fact that I need to clean house and get rid of all Sonic Solutions products infesting my PC.

Life is not that simple. Now any time I go near a media file on my PC, an automated installation program kicks into gear and tries to install "Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack", which of course goes into a dead end loop and screws up everything.

If I had the power to do it, I would NUKE Sonic Solutions! I want that company turned into a sheet of glass! I want the glow to be so bright it can be seen in the next galaxy!

If this seems harsh...it isn't. I'm angry. Really angry.

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