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Frustrating Red Light Problem


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Hello, for the past couple of hours I have been trying to figure out why exactly my network status went from green to red. I have forwarded the port before, though I did it on my modem(Westell 6100), I recently tried it on my DI-714P+ Wireless Router, and it seems thats where the problem started. The odd thing is... I'm able to download like I always do, no stopping of connection.

Also, my portchecker has given me the Error! Port 39518 does not appear to be open.

Connection speed:

D: 2780 kb/s U: 575 kb/s

Router and Modem: DI-714P+, and Westell 6100

OS is Windows XP, I use the windows firewall, and utorrent is checked on the exceptions list as well as the port.

I use DSL provided by Verizon.

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Well, since my download rate was 2Mbs so I chose xx/2Mbit.

Just changed it to the 640K setting, and the rest of the options like DHT, UPnP and the total connections to 200.

Should I just change the port and try to forward it again?

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I did everything I could in that link, I've reset both the modem and the router, forwarded ports, etc etc, this that... I hate my router... I forward ports on it and it doesnt even allow anything...

The REAL frustrating thing is that firewalls on the modem and router are turned off, and windows is the only firewall In use atm, so I really have no idea what to do.

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