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Vista freezes when using utorrent, PC locks up


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hello, ive been using utorrent ever since i got this new computer, late last year, its been great and has been giving me the best results speed wise...UNTILL




[i had a free upgrade to vista (when it would be released, in the meantime i had been using xp home ) with my PC when i purchased it,]

Basicly there was so much problems with vista that i had to spend more money on purchasing a netgear WG111T wireless USB adapter, just to get the internet to work


Utorrent works fine,

the problem is that in the space of 4 minutes to 4 hours+ my computer will freeze and the mouse or keyboard are locked, (so its not only utorrent that froze)

then i have to reset my computer, cant go to safe mode cause the keyboard and mouse are still locked and i have to wait 26 seconds for the normal boot up,

im not sure what causes this, i have looked around but ive found no fix, im thinking the problem could be the usb adapter because vista didn;t support wireless usb proply when they released it,

oh im using the 1.7 beta, i went from 1.6.1 to 1.7 becuse it said 'near vista support'

i know this could be a problem with vista not utorrent, my computer cant even use the new sleep function because it gets a blue screen after you switch it back on


if there is any info ive left out tell me because all i want is to get to the bottom of this probllem

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